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2013 Public Information Packet

Taxpayer Rights & Remedies Publication from the Comptroller's Office

Property Tax Basics

Caldwell County Clerk Deed Records and Official Records
This site is used to search for documents that have been recorded in the County Clerk's office in various Texas counties.


Tax Rates and Historical Net Taxable Totals by Entity

Caldwell CAD Historical Levy Statistics   updated 10/10/2013

Adopted Tax Rates and Exemptions  updated 10/13/2015


Property Tax Assistance Division of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Annual Value Study

2011 Property Value Study (PVS) Final taxable value findings

2012 Property Value Study (PVS) Final taxable value findings

2011 Methods and Assistance program (MAP) Review                    MAP FAQs

2013 Methods and Assistance program (MAP) Review

2012 Caldwell County Annual Report

2013 Caldwell County Annual Report

2014 Caldwell County Annual Report


Property Tax Law Changes and Tax Code

2015 - 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular session changes

2015 Texas Property Tax Code


Online Tax Payments





Low Income Housing CAP Rate Information

Low Income Housing


Commonly Requested Information

Business Personal Property Depreciation Schedule

Appraisal Notice of Value Example with explainations

Understanding the Property Tax Process


Local Government Quick Reference for Cities, Schools, & County Phones Numbers & Meeting Dates 

2015 Taxpayer Newsletter

2014 Taxpayer Newsletter

2013 Taxpayer Newsletter

2012 Taxpayer Newsletter

Building Classification Codes and Building Types

Caldwell County Census Bureau Information - Population, Jobs, Income, etc...

Texas Land Measurements Guide


State Required Reports

CAD Utility Usage Report  updated 10/13/2015

Tax Rate Public Listing Details  updated 10/13/2015