Google Earth Information

Download our KML file of Property Parcels that can be used in Google Earth.

Best practice after adding the parcels to Google Earth.  Turn off parcels when you first open Google Earth.  Then zoom into somewhere close like Lockhart or Luling.  Then turn on parcels.  If you leave parcels turned on from the opening screen, this will slow down Google Earth.  Last Updated: 04-29-2020

  1. Copy the KMZ file into your DOCUMENTS folder on your computer.
  2. Open Google Earth Pro
  3. If you already had a Parcel map in Google Earth Pro, then delete that file.
  4. Go to the File – Open and select the file named “CaldwellCountyKMLMap_date...
  5. This will place it into a temporary folder in Google Earth Pro
  6. Right click on that new folder and select “Save to My Places"
  7. There are Bookmarks for communities that will quickly move the map to that area when you double click.
  8. Once completed.  Helpful hint to UNCHECK box to the left of Caldwell CAD to turn off parcels.  This will allow Google Earth to load faster.  Then double click on one of the town names and you will zoom to that town.  Then click the box left of Caldwell CAD to turn on all the parcels again.


You can also use Google Earth from the internet using Google Chrome here:


Google Earth Pro link to download.  This program is now free.  The license is GEPFREE


The National Flood Hazard Layer Web Map Service (WMS) in Google Earth.  NFHL download link.
This link to to the National Flood Hazard website



Last Updated: 03-31-2015

Caldwell County Road Map_E size

Caldwell County School District Map_E size

City ETJs Map for Web

City of Uhland  E size map

Parcel Map for Web Lockhart C size    E size

Parcel Map for Web Luling

Parcel Map for Web NE

Parcel Map for Web NW

Parcel Map for Web SE

Parcel Map for Web SW

Road Map with Fire Districts for Web

Rural Water Districts_E size

Plum Creek Conservation & Underground and Gonzales Underground Distritcts

Caldwell County ESD #2 District

ETJ for City of Martindale


Caldwell County Precinct Maps and Elections Precincts  Last Updated May 9, 2014

Precinct #1 Election Map - D Size

Precinct #2 Election Map - D Size

Precinct #3 Election Map - D Size

Precinct #4 Election Map - D Size

County Precinct Map – E size

Caldwell County Election Precincts 2014_D size

Caldwell County Election Precincts 2014_Lockhart City Area_E size